My Pretty Good House

I always thought I was a commonsense kind of guy and MY PRETTY GOOD HOUSE  is exactly that.  It’s a mix of LEEDS, Passive House, Net Zero Energy House, PHIUS, Energy Star, and financial commonsense.  We have PHIUS to thanks for putting superinsulation and airtightness, front and center .  I didn’t come up with the phrase Pretty Good House, I believe some builders out of Maine can take the credit.

Even though I’m certified as a Passive house builder and consultant, I found the  cost of some of the requirements unrealistic for the vast majority of home owners.  How can we justify spending 3 to 5 times the cost on windows and doors, putting 10″+ of insulation under the slab, the cost of certification, etc. If we want Passive House to become main stream, we have to get the costs in line and thru MY PRETTY GOOD HOUSE you can do this.  Your house isn’t certified, your windows are local triple glazed, your under slab insulation maybe only 4″ R20, but your house should come within your budget without sacrificing energy efficiency.