Who we are

The Builders’ Partnership is a full service remodeling and building contracting company, concentrating on energy efficient construction, a certified Passive House consultant and certified Passive House Builder, one of three in New Hampshire and  one of a handful in Massachusetts.  The Builders’ Partnership hasn’t just jump on the energy efficiently bandwagon; we’ve been driving the wagon for 25 years. The only problem was the public wasn’t buying, with cheap oil, there was no need.  There  wasn’t any Green Movement, Leeds, Energy Star, Net Zero or Carbon Footprint when we started pushing for more insulation,  thicker walls and better windows.  Home buyers were only interested in the upfront costs and  the amenities: i.e. granite countertops, jacuzzis and cherry cabinets, we were pushing the bones of the home: windows, the heating plant and insulation.

Since the early 80’s we have been building and remodeling for our  clients  in the Boston suburbs and following them to their vacation homes from Brattleboro, Vermont to Falmouth, Mass to Daiscotta, Maine, Bristol, New Hampshire and everywhere in between.

In 1992 The Builders built a 4000 sf home with 6” of Icynene foam insulation and 1 “of rigid insulation over the studs as a thermal break (in  2014 rigid insulation over the sheathing became a code requirement, we were only 20 years ahead of the mandate), low e wood windows, hydro air, air to air heat exchanger, pricing came in 7% above the competition which had 6 “of fiberglass and vinyl windows, the reality was we couldn’t educate the buying public that the upfront cost would reduce the heating demand by 30 to 50%.  The home was located on a small 4 house subdivision where one oil company delivered to all four homes, although square footage varied our client stated after a year that his oil consumption was 40% less than the other homes.  Although financially the project wasn’t a success, the product was.

We knew we were on to something, we at The Builder’s Partnership were so impressed with Icynene and the potential it brought to air sealing and improving the quality of the homes we were building, we bought the business. Icynene was a hard sell during those early years, 3 times the cost of fiberglass, all we heard was upfront cost and how many years payback, if it wasn’t in the 3 to 5 years time frame, they weren’t interested. Operating cost savings and carbon footprint wasn’t even in the picture.

Bob Prendergast the principal behind The Builder’s Partnership has over 40 years  of experince behind him,  a degree from Wentworth Institute in Building Construction, various courses and seminars at the New England Fuel Institute in Solar Hot Water Installation,  Boston Architectural Center in  Passive Solar Design and several years of study towards a degree in Architecture, Building Science Corp  for Engery Efficient Design, etc.

Bob currently holds a Boston ABC license, Massachusetts Construction Supervisor Unrestricted License,  State of New Hampshire Septic Installer License, EPA RRP License and is a certified PHIUS consultant and a certified Passive House Builder, the only one in  New Hampshire  with both certifications and  one of a  handful serving Massachusetts.  While most PHIUS designers will guide you thru the passive house process, Bob will stay with you and build the home of your dreams.

As of January  2013 Bob received his certificate for completing a class in Net Zero Energy Homes design and of December  2013 bob received his certificate as a Passive House Builder, one of only a handful thru out the country who hold both the Passive House Consultant and Passive House Builder certification.