Deep Energy Retrofit

What is DER? Deep Energy Retrofit

4″ of rigid polyis being installed over blueskin

interior wall and ceiling after cellulose insulation installed

When the time comes to remodel, where do you start?  What is the overall goal of the remodel?  Is the roof shot, the siding needs help, the windows are still single pane, the boiler never shuts off and the house is never warm enough, the fuel bills are thru the roof, the bathroom is pink and the kitchen hasn’t been remodeled since before the microwave was invented, but this is home and your neighborhood.

Until recently, it has been lighting, mechanical, and control system upgrades which have received the most attention in the green building movement. At long last, the industry is now recognizing building enclosures as a long-lost treasure of potential savings.

Embracing what building scientists have been saying for years, there is now a widespread understanding that a well-insulated, airtight, energy-efficient building envelope can make a significant difference in overall energy use and operating efficiencies.

Creating high-performing building envelopes begins with the choice of framing, insulation, windows, doors and heating plant.

Now, is the time to do a DER.