Canton Deep Energy Retrofit 2016

The house was a 1950’s  split level duplex right out of Popular Mechanic, with a lot of single pane fixed glass, no wall insulation, 3″ of ceiling insulation and a lot of concrete walls with  only interior sheetrock.  You couldn’t sit within 5′ of the exterior walls during the winter.  The upper unit had windows you had to bend over to look thru, I don’t know how they determine the head height.  The kitchen wall cabinets where to high by 2 feet.  The lower unit had dropped beams and ductwork through out the ceiling, you were constantly ducking.  The exterior door to this unit was an interior flat panel door.   The only bath in the lower unit was thru one bedroom and off the second bedroom.  I’ve seen studio apartments with larger kitchen than this one. I’m pretty sure that this whole unit was an afterthought.

We’re just putting the final touches on this unit, everything is new from the slab up, new  underground electrical services, exterior vinyl and stucco, triple pane windows, closed cell foam on the concrete walls, rigid insulation between sleepers on the existing concrete floor, 4″ rigid exterior insulation, all exterior walls were dense pack cellulose, as was the ceiling plus prior to doing the roof over, 3″ of rigid foam board was added.

The heating system is a mini split with a gas fireplace as backup.


More to come as we finish up.